Slimming patches

I’m going to do this out and let you understand how/if it really works. #getslim #slimpatch #whynot hyperlink: https://touchurban.com/merchandise/50-patches-slimming-navel-stick-fast-weight-lose-products-slim-patch-burning-fat-patches-hot-body-shaping-slimming-stickers

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  1. Just thought I should drop this here…

    “The fact is that there is some weak clinical evidence and a smattering of studies that suggest some (rather unimpressive) results from ingredients such as garcinia and guarana. But even if these ingredients do indeed affect appetite and weight, there is zero proof that they are getting into the body effectively via the patches. This is because to pass effectively through the skin, a substance must have a low molecular weight (which means it is very small) and must also be fat soluble, or oily, which many of these substances are not. In addition, since 2004, the FTC has filed multiple legal actions in federal courts alleging violation of federal truth-in-advertising laws by companies who market diet patches,” a quote by Ben Greenfield. Look him up, he’s done a lot of research on this kind of stuff.

    Sorry to say, but these patches are a scam.

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