MYMI Surprise Slimming Patch UK Assessment Day 2

Hiya everybody!

I’m Jaymee! I’m attempting out these surprise patches as I noticed noone had finished a assessment on them!

I’m NOT endorsing sitting in your backside and letting a sticker probably be just right for you! Wholesome consuming and train is required!!!!

Be at liberty to subscribe! 🙂 xxx
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  1. 6 litres? 2 litres is too much for most people. I hope you are in taking adequate salts as otherwise you are potentially causing your body damage!
    Remember, a "glass" water is 250ml. They say that 8 is what your should be drinking, but that's too much. You're drink 3 times that!

  2. I got 5 pks with 5 patches in each pack for $10.24. Heard that the burning sensation is from the cayenne in them. I'm not allergic to cayenne so plan to try them. I need to lose weight and if these don't work I've only lost $10.24

  3. I got mine about 2 weeks ago I didnt use it right away so I decided to use it yesterday I left it on till this morning It was stuck to my belly with the sticky film so dint recommend keeing it on longer  I was'nt for sure if it was 6 to 8 hrs because directiosn was in spanish however i didnt eat much, I did feel the burning sensation at first and I also begin to sweat I didnt work out much at all I seen results this morning so I will keep using them  also I like the video but try to stick to the point and details of the product I feel to much talking get boring

  4. Need advise got my patches wire them 3 times everything was great !!! Till the removal which was agonising I was left with this adesive layer which I had to spend a long time trying to get it off bit by bit soap & hot water wouldn't remove it !! What am I doing wrong ???

  5. You do know if you don’t poop once or twice a day there a problem with your stumach you might want to go see a doc about it

  6. I got mine in the mail too and no English instructions can you wear them while you sleep I only sleep 4 hrs but was curious I walk every evening 2 miles trying to get back up to 5 miles after back issues that's for any info

  7. So far for me it has work i see the difference on my jeans are much more loose… And i just bought 5 patch and am awaiting for the rest that i order on wish list are more cheapest… Right know they have it for 1.68 for 60 patch ….

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