That is Okay-pop idol IU’s food regimen; I attempted it and the ultimate outcomes are stunning.

I don’t encourage weight-reduction plan and quite assist making more healthy modifications to your particular person on a regular basis food regimen. If you wish to change your physique, begin by making modifications to your on a regular basis food regimen; DONT GO ON A DIET! I don’t suggest this food regimen AT ALL.
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  1. im commenting very late and im really concerned with the number of comments considering this!

    I’m on antibiotics that hugely decrease my appetite and I have my own body issues. This does appeal me but I know I can’t do this to myself!! I know it’s super hard to understand why, ESPECIALLY if you are a recovering or currently suffering from and ED – but mainly to those who don’t, please listen in order to prevent EDs.

    I’ll list a bunch of reasons:
    1. surprise – your body needs calories, it needs energy. food gives you energy for basic organ functions – you’re not just depriving your stomach of food, you’re depriving EVERY SINGLE organ system of MUCH NEEDED energy to function properly and ensure you are healthy.
    2. this means that you will be much more tired, unable to concentrate/focus/memorise and feel a lot weaker. You’ll be more susceptible to illness as your immune system becomes weak. You’re likely to experience intense headaches and nausea. the lack of nutrients weakens your hair and nails as well. Is it really worth giving up your body to be something society tells you to??
    3. if you’re someone ‘heavier’ with a higher body fat percentage, this is going to have the opposite effect. while on this diet, sooner or later, your body will go into survival mode to protect itself. it’ll grab onto any calories or fat and hold onto it MUCH TIGHTER. it knows now that you’re gonna starve it and obviously doesn’t want that. this will make losing fat/weight MUCH HARDER.
    4. your metabolism will decrease significantly. same reason as above, it doesnt want to burn your calories for energy which makes it harder to lose weight and have more energy.
    5. extreme weight loss quickly can result in your liver producing more cholesterol. the more cholesterol in your bile, the high chance you have of developing gallstones. gallstones are extremely painful and cause nausea, bloating, vomiting, indigestion and heartburn to name a few symptoms.
    6. as your body runs out of fat to feed off of, it turns to muscle. you experience muscle loss and basically become skin and bones. instead of looking healthy and toned, your skin becomes dull and you become extremely weak

    This is such a long list but I’m genuinely worried for everyone in the comments. this diet is seriously not worth it, please dont try it

    there are so many other weight loss methods

    – portion control : eat relatively healthy diets but smaller portions – therefore you eat what you want but your calorie intake decreases
    – having smaller, more frequent meals : its been proved having smaller more frequent meals can help your body burn off more calories
    – HIIT training : you can search it up but its proven to be very effective as it consists of consistent working out but in ‘resting’ and ‘high intensity’ intervals that means youre constantly moving and burning calories
    – find a suitable exercise that targets your needs
    – dance : if you dont like to exercise, put some music on and dance your ass off or play Just Dance. get your body to somehow move
    – walk : ditch the car and walk to the station, walk your dog or walk to the grocery stores. walking is actually a very effective weight loss method that is low impact but you can do it often, inexpensively and for long times. Try to get at least 10,000 steps

    I’m not a nutritionist, personal trainer etc. i’m a student that has seen enough people struggling with food and exercise and who’s done my own research. don’t come for me if my advice doesnt work. research and invest time in figuring out what works FOR YOU.

  2. Hey i’m sure someone’s already said this but when you eat low calories like that you lose a lot of water weight that ur body holds on to but this can also be accomplished by 1-2 days of traditional fasting however either way it’ll come back when you return to eating normal :/

  3. Lmao I loveee her hair and she looks so pretty

    Also….this is how I feel constantly and I’m not even on this diet, or a diet at all. I just struggle with eating a lot since I used to be poor and not having time since I worked a lot

    Edit: I don’t know why I said lmao

  4. I'm really having trouble.. I know what I'll be asking is the opposite of this vid's topic but..

    can anyone tell me how to gain weight?
    I've been eating tons of food and following healthy diet to gain weight, but none is working.

  5. so many stupid people in this comment section being like “i wanna try this” when she LITERALLY proves how miserable it makes you and how as soon as you eat normally again the weight pile back on. y’all just want the easy option bc you’re too lazy to exercise and eat healthily.

  6. Imma be honest, if you really want to try this diet I can't stop you. But I will say that eating healthy and working out is a million times better than just eating less and dieting like this. If you really want to achieve a skinnier body in a healthy way please just eat healthy portions and work out. Dieting like this has many many negative effects on your body, some of which the youtube has mentioned for example, feeling tired or unable to focus. Your body requires portions of each food group with every meal you have to get all the nutrients it needs, grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. Each group has something your body needs, and each group has something the other doesn't. Another random tip thing, If you're not a big breakfast person try just eating a fruit and going from there. Fruits digest quickly in your body and are not a very "filling" food, so it will give you the energy you need for the day.
    Sorry for the long post,,

  7. This is how you form an eating disorder boys and girls….. But in all reality I feel it depends on the person, how long they've been doing it, and how much they eat daily. Some eat this little on a daily basis or just snack very little. For some I think it's normal but someone who eats "normally" it's way to big of a change and isn't healthy. Going from your regular diet to this is a huge change for your body. If you do this I say do it slowly and not so extreme so your body is used to what you're eating. Just my opinion.

  8. I just seen this and like I'm anorexic and like damnnn they lucky this is more then what I eat in a day i have a cup of black coffee and then 2 pieces of bread

  9. Honestly this is crazy. I've been taking medication for about half a year now and I have absolutely no appetite. I eat 1 to 2 small meals a day yet I haven't lost any weight. Its shocking seeing how much weight you've lost in just 3 days!

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