I TRIED RED VELVET WENDY DIET (the Wheesung 13 Day Lethal Weight loss plan) and I misplaced a ridiculous quantity of weight.

EDIT: I made a mistake within the complete energy. 1/2 cup of raw rice cooked is nearer to 1 1/2 cups of rice so the whole energy of the rice is round 300, NOT 100. Whole energy for the food plan: 350 NOT 150!

As normal, I don’t encourage weight-reduction plan and relatively assist making more healthy modifications to your particular person on a regular basis food plan. If you wish to change your physique, begin by making modifications to your on a regular basis food plan; DONT GO ON A DIET! I don’t suggest this food plan AT ALL.
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  1. Could you do this diet? Do you have any celebrity/idol diets that you’d like to see me try? 🧐 (I MADE A MISTAKE WITH THE CALORIES OF THIS DIET PLEASE LOOK AT MY DESCRIPTION). Sorry for the slightly low quality editing style, I had to edit on iMovie on my laptop loool what a throwback👀

  2. I had anorexia and ate more calories a day then on this diet beacuse I had 200 -600 cals a day and worked out so if you keep this diet up like you start vomiting after eating normally this isn't even a diet 😱 it's an eating disorder

  3. I’m trying to lose weight like 15 kg and I’m 12 and I’m trying to find a diet for me to lose a lot but not die I only have 2 months to lose weight so if you have something for me please tell me

  4. I did the jimmy diet I lost a lot of weight and didn't really exercise as much as he did

    Edit: well I didn't eat I forgot that he ate chicken but I ate nothing at all for almost 5 days and passed out at least once

  5. I realize this is an old video, but I was wondering if you've ever done the OMAD (one meal a day) diet? I am currently on it myself; just started. If you have, never mind. ^_^

  6. Honestly I don't normally luke diet videos, but yours are extremely educational and even enjoyable to watch. (Although I am not so happy about the fa t that you go through pain with it) (but that's just me not wanting anyone to go through pain)

  7. Ok but how and why did you make rice in a tray? I’ve never seen that in my life and I’ve seen a lot of weird ways of cooking rice living at uni

  8. I did this diet it was hard at first but I continued to do it I can’t say that it easy after the first few days but I barely eat anyway so I get full very easy but I truly don’t recommend this diet it can be very dangerous for your body

  9. I feel really bad for these artists. They're forced yes forced by their contracts to do these diets and over exorcise to keep their , a lot of the times. Anorexic frame that for some reason is considered attractive in Korea.

  10. I'll do this on Monday for 3 days maybe 2 God damn I'm still a kid but this is just out of it….ik about kpop god damn I cant do this for more than 3 days bc ion want to damage my body

  11. i am dieting because like i think its time lol but like im eating around 320 calories and i literally burn it all off by exercise and i really dont think this is healthy thats why i am doing it for like a week so atleast that lol but i exercise regularly
    im 163.5 cm tall and i weight 52 kgs and damn im fat but i dont like weighting myself like that but what can i do lol but i lost around 2kg so like great lmao

  12. All these K Pop “diets” – they will be so much better off just practicing intermittent fasting and eating proper nutrients at the end of the day. Also takes care of loose skin.

  13. I decided to do this diet for five days. Like honestly, NEVER do it for more than three days. I felt sick, unenergised, my skin dropped to a striking pale tone and my body weight dropped immensely considering I don’t eat a heavy lot neither do I snack a lot. But on the fifth day, I actually ended up passing out in the gym and I woke up in my house. Thankfully, my aunt came in to the gym and found me just when I fainted and took me home. Honestly, this diet is the most unhealthiest and I felt so disgusting, and horrible. I was a mess of tears when I woke up. The day I finished the diet, I had a full mukbang with my family and I was so relieved that I was alive. I can’t imagine how Wendy felt, honestly. The pressure of becoming an idol is fking intense.

  14. I kinda tried this type of diet (except I only ate dinner and no breakfast and lunch) when I am in school just because I digest food quickly (sometimes very slow but sometimes very quick) and I don't want to poop at school, I did that for almost a year now and ended up losing 3 kgs (from 45kg I am now at 42kg).

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