I attempted the IU weight-reduction plan + exercise (kinda) for three days

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  1. Woohoo I do it for 12 days really I lose 7 kg….. really it was easy but I didn't do like Diet IU I make some changes I eat everything help me to lose my weight and dance twice a day because I go every morning and evening to the gym

  2. So ik this is bad but I never really eat like sometimes I don't eat dinner and i never eat breakfast I was doing good eating alot and stuff but I'll just stop eating at all to the point I wanna throw up. ON TOP OF THAT I'm working out so I'm basically doing the diet without trying yikes

  3. The thing is i started doing these kind of 'crazy' diets like two years ago and i have been anorexic for a good while. Trying to get better now but i just wanted to say yeah in long term you can lose so much weight but the thing is you can't keep eating like this for your whole life. And it is actually hard to have an eating disorder. At some point i was 45 kgs and everyone would be like 'oh you are so skinny i bet you don't get hungry often' when all i did was thinking about my next tiny little meal. I also remember binging and throwing up. It was all messed up. It also triggered my depression and anxiety. So yeah… i just wanted to share so maybe you won't go down the same path i did.

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