DIY FAST FOOD BREAKFAST / wholesome and scrumptious!

This may occasionally come as a shock however I do not wish to cook dinner in depth recipes. The easier, the higher! All however one in all these substances could be ready the evening earlier than so though within the video I point out 20 minutes to arrange, you may simply have this prepared in 5 minutes. Get pleasure from!

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Half Day by Unhealthy Snacks

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  1. Recipe starts at 4:15http://darciisabella.com/diy-fast-food-breakfast/
    This breakfast/lunch is so easy to make that even my 6yo can make this on his own. All of the ingredients, but the avocados, can be prepared the night before which can easily make this a 5-minute prep meal. If you're not a fan of rice cakes, go ahead and replace them with some homemade flatbread. Still delicious and a lot less messy. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed the recap of our week! 😘

  2. Forgive me if you’ve answered this before, but is your kitchen table from Ikea? We’ll soon be a family of 9 and we’ve outgrown our dining table so I’m looking to sell it & buy something more appropriate when we move this summer. Your parish is beautiful – is it FSSP? We’re at the FSSP in Atlanta ❤️

  3. Love your videos! One of these days I hope to have enough land to start a homestead. But instead of chickens I would choose ducks, they last longer, lay more, forage better, their manure isn't as destructive as chickens, and they eat less food. Plus their meat is so healthy!

  4. 6:45?!?!? And I was complaining about our church moving up to 9am this year. 😆 Complain no more. (I am definitely not a morning person!) But I really liked the clips of your mass, I'm not Catholic but it's very beautiful and the music was amazing!

  5. I haven’t even finished the video but I just had to comment about your lovely veils! I’m the lone person who veils at my church (adult that is, because my daughter veils too). We go to the early mass as well, which is at 8am for us.

  6. May I ask why females wear a veil on their head? Such a beautiful church also, our beautiful cathedral was destroyed in an earthquake 8 years ago and they are still trying to save what they can and rebuild.

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