[DIET CHALLENGE] I attempted Kpop idol Bae Suzy weight loss program (INDO SUB)

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This kpop idol weight loss program is quite a bit higher than the opposite ones that I’ve tried. I didn’t really feel like I used to be going via hunger.

The weight loss program consists:
Breakfast – A candy potato, hen breast, a glass of low fats milk
Lunch – A bowl of rice and inexperienced salad
Dinner – Two candy potatoes

I’m on no account selling this weight loss program.

Thanks for watching! 🙂

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Comment (25)

  1. Okay how. I thought this diet would have lasted over the time span of at least a month, maybe more… but 5 days??!

    How you gonna get an INDENT in your waist after only 5 days??? .-.

    Your waist went from an average waist size, to “oh I just had some noninvasive fat removal work done, Susan”.
    Like seriously, the results are THAT NOTICEABLE

  2. Woow. This really worked. I lost 2 kg and I didn't work out at all. Actually I adjusted the diet a bit.. instead of sweet potatoes I ate regular potatoes and I skipped the milk because I don't like milk. But it's really good.. I've been on diets since forever that didn't work out. I was quitting half way through because they were kind of stupid. This is a little bit easier. I didn't really starve myself. So, for all of you that want to try it and lose weight pretty fast, that's a good one.
    (Sorry if I made any mistakes.. english is not my native language)

  3. Bae Suzy never confirmed this was her real diet and the people who said she had it as her diet never had a source y'all are dumb

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