5 Finest Calf Slimming Workout routines (Not Cumbersome!)

Are you blessed with cumbersome calves, similar to me? Then this exercise it for you! These are my 5 Finest Calf Slimming Workout routines which has helped me to tone up and cut back the dimensions of my calves. Do these exercises 2-Three occasions weekly and stretch EVERYDAY for greatest outcome. The dimensions of your calves are right down to genetics, so be taught to embrace it! (At the very least they’re sturdy and attractive) =P

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  1. J SOH: I barley EVER EVER subscribe to ANYONE on YouTube because I rarely watch or want to watch anyone on here. BUT I LOVE YOU and how humble, sweet, informative, and most of all conservative your videos are. Thank you for focusing on helping other woman and not feeding your ego by being half naked for your videos! I am not only going to tell all my friends about you but I'm going to share on Facebook every video you make!! Thanks a bunch darling!!
    Instagram: befreetiannamarie

  2. Great video but these will increase the muscle in calves (which is good) but if you really want to slim calves lose weight in ypur whole body or not use them as much

  3. Slimming them down by exercising? Exercising is supposed to get the muscles bigger last time I checked. Also eat less if you wanna lose weight or get smaller. This won't happen if your diet is not on point. Maybe you should mention that. This is only fooling people. Don't know why people would think this works.

  4. Please jonnah mam
    tell me wil it make my calf bigger ya seriously it wil lose them …cz I m doing this excercise past 3 weeks but it seems that it made my calf bigger …so please rply regarding this issue

  5. My dear sister; I am a ninth student. My friends are slim girls. But I'm not slim enough. My calves are big and the thigh and the stomach is not flat. My stomach is belly fat. I am so sad. You are so beautiful and slim. But I am not slim. Please give me exercise or a remedy. My weight is 60.i wished to loose my weight in 40.

  6. I really hope this works out (lol) my calves r genetically a mixture of muscles and fat (flappy calves ughh!)
    plus I'm so in love with converse but I can't wear them bcuz my leg will look funny and I just want to have legs like Yoongi😔🙁

  7. LMAO what a load of garbage. No exercise is going to slim down your calves. This uneducated fraud is spreading tons of misinformation and I hate it.

  8. i used to have very high hopes for this video. guys, if you are trying to slim down your legs, please do not do this workout..i did this for about two months but observed that it just bulked up my calves. i stopped and just did regular cardio (treadmill and elliptical trainer) for a few months. in result, my calves slimmed down. i started doing this video again and i realized my calves bulked up. if this video worked to slim down your calves, good for you 🙂 i guess we all just have different bodies and not everything will work for everyone. to add, my calves are not muscly. it's just big with fats.

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