الجسم النحيف و زيادة الوزن وبناء العضلات و علاج النحافة

الجسم النحيف و زيادة الوزن وبناء العضلات و علاج النحافة.

The way to Achieve Weight Quick for Skinny Guys – Remedy for Thinness

يمكنك مشاهدة الفيديو نصائح للمبتدئين في كمال الأجسام – الجسم النحيف
أو فيديو زيادة الوزن وعلاج النحافة بسرعة – اكلات و طرق

اشترك و اسأل براحتك

لمتابعتنا و الاجابة علي الاسئلة يرجي زيارة الصفحة

English Translation

There are numerous skinny guys need to enhance they weight and construct muscle mass
However they don’t know how you can begin
That is my image after I was younger in 1993 and that is in 1995
I’ll discuss at the moment concerning the skinny our bodies, and how you can enhance the load and construct muscle mass
In case you are skinny, you at all times suppose that you’ve got a quick metabolism and also you eat so much
and you may’t discover another strategy to enhance your weight (supplied you don’t have an underlying trigger)
You will see that that you simply don’t eat sufficient energy that will help you enhance your weight
Positively, you heard that you need to eat so much
It’s higher to calculate the day by day energy you devour per day and eat a surplus
However we’ll suppose that your weight is now steady
Step one you need to do is to extend 500 energy above what you eat day by day
And Weigh your self simply as soon as , the very first thing within the morning
and this after 7 days of consuming the 500 energy
If there is a rise, then I’m in the precise course if not
Then I enhance one other 500 energy and repeat the identical course of
It’s important to eat 6 meals per day
Don’t skip breakfast and you need to stand up early
You eat three principal meals and three snacks
Suppose you’ll stand up at 7 am and you’ll eat each three hours
So, it would seem like 7am sq. meal – 10am snack – 1PM sq. meal – 4PM snack – 7PM sq. meal – 10PM snack
It’s important to eat nutrient-dense meals that assist to extend your weight
So, to extend your carbohydrates consumption you may eat rice, macaroni, oatmeal, bananas, potatoes
Additionally, for proteins you may devour dairy merchandise and eggs
For the wholesome fat, you should utilize olive oil, one tablespoonful is price 300 energy, and Peanut butter
It’s higher to go to the health club and carry weights to extend you weight in a wholesome manner
To construct muscle mass, you need to enhance the weights
By coaching repeatedly, following a great vitamin plan and having correct relaxation you may construct muscle mass
In your coaching day, focus extra on the three meals you eat day by day (breakfast, pre exercise and put up exercise meals) They need to have the best energy you devour
Attempt to put together meals a day forward of time or put together meals for the entire week
With a view to keep away from the error of not realizing what to eat on a regular basis
Some folks discover this troublesome to do that, however I counsel that you simply carry meals with you to anyplace you go
In school or at work or if you hangout
Keep in mind you need to eat 6 meals per day, you haven’t any different answer
Simply put together you meals the day earlier than and convey them with you
Don’t take heed to anybody that can inform you what are you doing with this meals
You could have aim to extend your weight and you need to persist with it
An instance for the 6 meals plan can be
Meal 1 (Eggs – Milk – Oatmeal)
Meal 2 Fruits (Apple or banana) or peanuts
Meal three Rice and (hen or meat)
Meal four Fruits (Apple or banana) or peanuts
Meal 5 Tuna – Yoghurt – Milk
Meal 6 Yoghurt – Milk – Cottage cheese

Mohamed Shaalan
Licensed Private Coach & Health Diet Specialist
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